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Why Partner with Hoffman Technologies Plus, LLC

We work with you to design and develop easy-to-use websites for you, your nonprofit organization or your business.  From portfolio sites for artists to ecommerce and product sites, we can create outstanding websites for almost any need.

We use the WordPress open source platform, due to it being extremely scalable and customizable, which allows it to be used for any application.  Plus, it has an easy interface to make changes and add new content.

It’s also extremely easy for you to modify and add to your website, through the WordPress dashboard.  WordPress is used to create more than 30% of websites on the Internet today!

We host client websites and therefore we are always keeping WordPress, themes and plugins updated and secure.  We can also build a website and turn the site over to you, the client, for hosting the way you see fit.

Be sure to check out Our Work and, if interested, our pricing page (under construction)!