Virtual Tour Pricing



All Tours Include the Following:

  • Walk-Through, Dollhouse, & Floor Plan Views
  • Photorealistic 3D Model
  • Free Analytics (View Tracking)
  • Web Hosting for 1 Year ($40/year)

Additional Items:

  • Commercial Virtual Tours ($0.20/sq. ft.)
  • Web Hosting for each Additional Year ($40/year)

Add-On Services

Matterport Snapshots
Matterport Snapshots are photos you take within a space; 
these can be downloaded to use as 2D photography.

$1 per Snapshots
– or –
$15 for 20

Mattertag™ Posts
Mattertag Posts create a simple way to give context to spaces and describe features of the home, like Stainless-Steel appliances.  This turns Spaces into a powerful tool for communicating with remote stakeholders, property buyers, prospective lessees, or global audiences.

$2 per Posts
– or-
$25 for 15

Matterport Highlight Reel |
Guided Tour

A highlight reel shows off all of your Snapshots of a space in a filmstrip at the bottom of the model.  A Guided Tour moves you through the Highlight Reel just by pressing play.

$25 for up to
15 positions

Matterport Schematic Floor Plan
Allow your client’s home sellers and prospective buyers to experience a property end-to-end, from traditional floor plans to immersive 3D experiences.  Instead of having to render your own floor plans of the space for your client, you can save time and money by ordering a black-and-white floor plan generated directly from your scan – labeled exactly as you’d like.

$50 per Schematic
Floor Plan

Matterport CoreVR Experience
(Android and iOS)

VR offers the most immersive way to experience a space.  Viewers get a total 
sense of presence, and a cognitive sense of physically being somewhere else.

$30 per space

360° Views
360° Views gives you the chance to capture sweeping outdoor
imagery to include as a part of your 3D tour.

5 positions included
in tour package.
$25 for up to 10
more positions.

MatterPak™ Bundle
The MatterPak™ Bundle is a set of assets that you can download
and import into third-party programs.  It contains:

  • Colorized point cloud (.XYZ)
  • Reflected ceiling plan image
    • (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors
    • (.PDF) All floors in one file
  • High resolution floor plan image
    • (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors
    • (.PDF) All floors in one file
  • 3D mesh file (.OBJ)

The MatterPak™ Bundle is for architects, engineers, and construction professionals who want to import these assets into third-party programs (3ds max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD), perform additional work, and then offer as part of a commercial package to their clients. 
For example: 

  • Architects and engineers can use the point cloud to jump-start their designs.
  • Construction professionals can use the ceiling plan and floor plan images for documentation/verification and building turnover packages, or use the point cloud as a part of the QA/QC process.

$100 per MatterPak™

Plans and Pricing

Terms of Service

Please contact us no later than 5 days before the preferred day of the virtual tour scan.

Staging must be done prior to our arrival onsite.  Unlike typical still photography, everything has to be in the exact same place as each area and floor is scanned.


Please note the following additional travel fees: Between 50 and 100 miles from Prattville, AL the fee is $50.00. For travel over 100 miles the fee will be calculated at $.50/mile.


Plans change, we understand!  Please notify us of your cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment to avoid a $75 cancellation fee.


Please be prepared to pay the virtual tour photographer on the day of the virtual tour.  Virtual tours are not released for use until payment is made in full.


Due to the digital nature of this service/product, refunds/returns are not possible but satisfaction is guaranteed.


Matterport virtual tours are hosted by a Third Party (Matterport).  For details on service availability and Terms of Use, please see the Matterport website.  By using this service, you release Hoffman Technologies Plus LLC of any liability.  Hoffman Technologies Plus LLC has no access/ability to host these tours directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to scan a home?

It takes around 30-45 minutes to scan 1,000 sq. ft.  A 2,000 sq. ft. home would take about 90 minutes and the time increases as the square footage increases.

How is the tour delivered?

Once the scans are complete and the 3D virtual tour is created, you will be provided with a link to embed on your website, social media or any other sites that are compatible with 3D virtual tours.

How soon is the tour delivered?

We quote 3 business days for Matterport and Drone products (we try to get products back to our customers sooner).

What do I need to do to prepare for the tour?

Please stage the house as you would for a normal photo shoot.  Once the scanning has started, nothing can be moved, so please make sure that all items are put away before we arrive.  We cannot do staging once the scanning has started.

Can I be there during the tour? Can the family be there during the tour?

Yes, you can be present during the scanning, but I ask that everyone stays on a different floor than the camera so that no scans pick up any movements of people or pets.

What about pets?

As much as we love animals, please keep them on a different floor than the camera.

Do you scan every room?

Typically, we will scan every room.  If you can walk into it, it will be scanned.  If you do not want a room to be scanned, we will close that door before we begin scanning the home.

What browsers and mobile devices are compatible?

Matterport 3D Showcase uses WebGL, which is a web standard.  This means that most up to date browsers and mobile devices are supported (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer).

Where is it hosted? Can I host it on my website after the initial hosting period is up?

The tours are only able to be hosted on Matterport’s servers.  There is no possibility of having them hosted at any other locations.

How long is the tour available?

Prices reflect 1 year of hosting.  After 1 year there is a $40 annual hosting fee per model.

Can you Photoshop the walkthrough tour?

No.  We have no access to the images to be able to Photoshop any items prior to processing the scans for the walkthrough.  They are uploaded directly to Matterport’s site.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.